Software Request Process for 2016-17

Please note that the following information also applies to computer clusters in Schools within the College.

IT Services are about to begin this year’s process for requesting software for IT Services managed PC clusters, this will affect all requests for software for the coming academic year.

As last year IT Services will build the setup based on requests received through the Service Desk, requests from last year will not be rolled into this year’s setup to ensure only the latest or correct versions are in place.

When completing the request process via ServiceNow please indicate if software titles are required in college PC clusters as well as the centrally managed open access areas. Relevant college teams will then be included in the request process.

For the next academic year IT Services would like to insure all software is installed, tested and confirmed as working in early September. They will then distribute this setup to all IT Services PC clusters, Libraries and learning suites before Welcome Week begins.


Software Request Process for 2016-17

PLEASE NOTE:  Applications previously requested will not be retained automatically, all applications for the coming academic year need to be requested and availability for testing agreed. This will ensure applications are working as required well in advance of term start.

If you require software for your school or college it will need to be requested via the Service Desk, via Service Catalogue item "Change Software on IT Services Cluster"

The requester will need to have the correct licence for the version they require and number of PCs to be installed on, detail any specific requirements for the setup and be available for testing well before start of autumn term. Please indicate where possible the date and location of your first teaching session. There is a link from this Service Catalogue to the terms and conditions page, detailing more about licencing and notice periods required:

This year's setup is based on:

Operating System - Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit Microsoft Office - Office 2016 (excluding Outlook) Internet Browsers - Internet Explorer 11, Firefox and Chrome Utilities and Tools – 7-Zip, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Java Runtime, McAfee Virusscan, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Silverlight,  RealPlayer, VLC Player Standard Applications - Endnote, SPSS, Maple, Mindmanager, Minitab, NVivo, Exceed, Reference, Manager, Refworks, Sigmaplot Assistive Software – Jaws, Text Read and Write, ZoomText

Applications outside of these will need to be requested within the timescales detailed below:


Timetable for 2016-17 Requests

1st July

Deadline for receiving software requests, this allows enough time for installation, testing and any modifications required prior to autumn term

1st August

As applications are installed you will be notified when the software is available for testing. Please check your application thoroughly and report any changes required via the Service Desk call user notes.

2nd September

Deadline for notifications of any changes required to your application's setup. This is the latest IT Services can accommodate any modifications and have enough time to deploy them campus-wide for start of autumn term.


As each request comes along the software request page will be updated to avoid duplicate requests and give reassurance when they have been and their current status.

Please take time to determine your software requirements for the coming academic year and request them as soon as possible.

Following this process during the summer vacation the request process will remain the same into term time but 4 weeks’ notice will be required for any new requests. For temporary installations of applications for teaching sessions we also require 4 weeks’ notice for requests.

For enquiries concerning software requests please email<


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