Motor insurance regulations

The University has a duty to meet legal responsibilities to ensure employees are safe behind the wheel of a car being used on business.

The University holds fully comprehensive motor insurance covering damage to the vehicle and liability to third parties for specified vehicles owned by the University. This can be extended to cover vehicles hired on University business when hired through the Transport Section.  Cover is also arranged for the Guild of Students for their small fleet of vehicles.

If you are using your own vehicle in connection with University business you must ensure that you have the correct type of motor insurance (to include any business usage).

Simple maintenance checks on personal cars being used for work related trips are a necessity.

  • Oil,water, and tyre pressures before embarking on a trip
  • All lights in full working order
  • Clean driving licences and where there is a problem with points on a licence this should be highlighted to the Head of Budget Centre to check with the Insurance Office

If there is an accident during a work trip and an employee or his vehicle is at fault, the University  could be faced with massive fines, bad publicity and even prosecution for corporate manslaughter. The driver could face criminal prosecution for not having the correct insurance cover. We should therefore do all we can to adhere to the ‘Duty of Care’ issue.

Reference should also be made to Transport Services.

Driving Licences

Budget Centre administrators should do a periodic check of driving licences for anyone proposing to drive on behalf of the University on business. This is to ensure that an individual is correctly insured to drive.

Should an individual commit a driving offence and have points added to their licence then this will need to be checked with the Insurance Manager, Andrew Else. In certain cases the University motor insurers have applied additional terms and conditions e.g. higher excesses in the event of a claim situation.

Coach Hire Arrangements

Please see below for the suppliers on the University’s Coach hire framework:

Brookline Cars Limited (Booking Office 01926 513820 -

Evergreen Coaches Ltd (T/A Thandi Coaches) – (0121 420 2929 –

Johnsons Coaches (01564 797010 –

Silverline LandFlight Limited (0121 705 5555 –

When requesting quotations, please include as many booking details as possible (dates and times, pick-up and drop-off points, expected number of passengers as a minimum) 

For a one off job, you may obtain a quotation from any of the above. Where you have a longer term requirement or will be spending over £10k, please obtain quotations from all 4 to ensure you get the best value and best supplier for your specific needs. 

When arranging coach hire for the University you should only use these suppliers, unless otherwise advised by

Emma Priest
Assistant Category Manager for Professional Services and Travel
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