All insurance taken out in the University’s name shall be arranged by the Chief Finance Officer, who shall keep a record of all insurances effected by the University and the property and risks covered.

The University's insurance requirements are reviewed annually in the light of an assessment of the risks facing the University and the types of protection required to cover those risks. The Chief Finance Officer is responsible for obtaining quotations, negotiating claims, maintaining the necessary records and dealing with the University's insurers and advisers about specific insurance issues. 

Heads of Budget Centre must give prompt notification to the Chief Finance Officer of any potentially new risks and additional property and equipment which may require insurance, and any alterations to existing risks. Similarly, all claims or incidents likely to give rise to claims must be notified to the Insurance Team immediately. 

Any event which could result in an insurance claim being made must be reported to the Insurance Team immediately that event occurs or is discovered. Any delay could result in a claim being disallowed.

This area covers this topics:      

Workplace Wellbeing have particular policies and guidelines in force are able to give advice on specific health and safety issues.

There is now legislation which sets out stringent timetables for the provision of information in support of some claims. Any correspondence in connection with a claim or potential claim must be forwarded to the Insurance Team immediately; preferably by hand. It is imperative that no reply or response is given to any such correspondence, not even a simple acknowledgement, as this could invalidate our insurance cover. 

The University holds insurances which will cover employees whilst carrying out their duties. These insurances either respond to claims from employees who suffer injury or damage in the course of their employment or to claims from others who have suffered due to the negligent act, error or omission of an employee.

Data Protection 

For both students and staff, the insurance team comply with the University-wide data protection principles, further details of which can be found at the following link:


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