Travelling and working away from the workplace

The University has a comprehensive Business Travel Policy for staff and students travelling on University business. Trips need to be registered online. 

Travel Alert: Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Following recent events in Israel and Gaza, UMAL, our travel cover providers have issued a specific alert regarding cover for potential claims arising out of trips that are either cancelled, curtailed or rearranged.  Please refer to UMAL's alert here along with checking the FCDO website before making any travel arrangements to these areas.  Please contact Insurance Services team if you have any questions or concerns. 

If any travel is planned to the following territories, please refer to the Insurance Team prior to agreeing or making any travel arrangements: 

Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Russia (including Crimea), Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen 

Please contact the Insurance Team at: Catalog Categories - Finance Service Portal ( and provide as many details regarding the proposed trip as possible please. This is to enable a referral to be made to insurers as to whether they will provide insurance cover. Wherever possible, please allow 10 clear working days for such referrals.

Travel cover key points:

Attached below is a copy of the Travel Cover Summary document and full policy wording.  The following key points are drawn from the summary document produced by UMAL, our cover providers -

  • This is not private medical insurance. You are not covered for routine, non-emergency treatment, any elective treatment or anything that can reasonably wait until your return home. 
  •  Please be aware that any medical expenses in excess of £300 MUST be pre-approved by International Medical Group (IMG) before they are incurred – failure to do so may result in UMAL declining the claim

  • For minor ailments, you should seek advice from a local pharmacist in the first instance. If the condition does not resolve, or if it worsens, you can contact International Medical Group (IMG) for advice on the best course of action. There contact details are: Tel:  +44 (0)203 859 1492 E-mail: Reference:  UMAL/034  
  • Medical Expenses for treatment of Covid-19 are covered. 
  • Domestic business travel is covered in the event of an overnight stay away from home or if a pre-booked internal flight has been arranged, please see FAQ's for further information.
  • Costs for Covid-19 tests are not covered, and there is no cover under the Disruption section for anything arising out of Covid-19. 
  • Any evidence required in support of a claim must be provided by you at your own expense. 
  • If travelling to a country that is subject to international sanctions you should check with your Head of School as to any special procedures that apply to ensure sanctions are not breached.  UMAL will not provide any cover or pay any claim that would expose them to any international sanctions. 
  • Claims must be notified to us as soon as possible but in any event within thirty days of the circumstances arising.

Travel cover summary

Full Policy wording

University Health and Safety Policy (UHSP/0/01) requires Head of Budget Centres to make arrangements for ensuring that risks to staff and students are properly identified and controlled. This requirement extends to staff and student whilst carrying out University activities when abroad on University business or University related activities. [more information]

Also running along side the main Travel policy, there is a Travel Legal Expenses Policy provided by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd. Details can be obtained from the Insurance office

 Travellers with medical conditions should bear in mind that there is an exclusion relating to travelling against medical advice.  If in doubt you are advised to seek medical advice or contact the Insurance office.

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Data Protection 

For both students and staff, the insurance team comply with the University-wide data protection principles, further details of which can be found at the following link:









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