CaStLeS (Compute and Storage for the Life Sciences) have purchased dedicated resource within BlueBEAR.

The CaStLeS BlueBEAR QOS includes:

  1. Twenty-two of our newest BlueBEAR cascadelake nodes, each with 40 cores and 192GB RAM;
  2. Twenty-four standard BlueBEAR broadwell nodes, each with 20 cores and 128GB RAM;
  3. One broadwell node with 20 cores and 1TB RAM; and
  4. One broadwell node with 20 cores, 1TB RAM, and two NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs.

There is also a special CaStLeS POWER GPU QOS, which includes:

 1. Four IBM POWER9 nodes, each with 144 cores, 1TB RAM and quad NVIDIA V100 GPUs

Access to these resources is available for Life Sciences researchers. For further information, including how to apply for access see the CaStLeS overview. More information on the CaStLeS POWER GPU nodes is available on the BEAR AI page.

If you are a member of the CaStLeS QOS then see the BlueBEAR Job Submission page for details of how to use it.

Last updated 13th June 2019



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