International Travel Guidance

Export Control regulations apply to the transfer of physical goods, technology, materials, equipment, or know-how from a University to outside of the UK, whether via verbal, physical or electronic means.

To ensure that all University staff and PGR students are compliant with Export Control regulations: 

  • University staff should not take controlled/end-use data out of the UK, unless they hold the relevant export license
  • Electronic devices containing controlled data should not be taken overseas, unless they hold the relevant export license
  • Where electronic devices contain controlled data, a blank electronic device should be requested from the Department, or the current device should have all controlled information removed from it
  • Researchers travelling and working outside of the UK should access email via WebMail
  • University shared drives or other University servers should not be used to access controlled information overseas.
  • If you are a member of staff or PGR student whose research involves international partners, and as part of this work you are planning to travel and/or work outside of the UK , you must inform your Departmental Administrator in advance, to ensure that you receive the necessary support and advice prior to travel.

Colleagues who are not sure if their work is controlled, or who have any other export control related questions, can direct these towards Research Strategy and Services Division via


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