CoSS Finance

The finance team is the first point of contact for finance matters within the College. The team provides a range of services to Schools, Departments, staff, students and external claimants. Services provided include processing of fee and expense claims, issuing of purchase orders, payments by purchasing card, budget monitoring and reporting and advice on financial issues and queries.

Purchasing & Systems Team

Jill Reed (Team Manager)
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 8301 

Tina Brittain (Finance Assistant)
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 4854 

Moreen Forde (Finance Assistant), Tel: 0121 414 3002 

Karen Rymill (Finance Assistant)
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 4432 

Violet Scott (Finance Assistant)
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 6630 

Financial Control and Monitoring Team

Muhammed Saeed (Finance Manager) - Government & Society
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 6211

Hector Dumba (Senior Finance Officer)
Email:, Tel: 0121 415 8247

Jacqui Ward (Senior Finance Officer) - Business School
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 5641

Michelle Ashford (Finance Officer) - HSMC
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 5017

Lucy Collinson (Finance Officer)
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 7064

College Accountants

Dave Robertson (College Accountant)
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 6101

Neil Middleton (Assistant College Accountant) - Business, Government & Society
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 5301

Geeta Sandhu (Accountancy Assistant (Part Time)) - Education
Email:, Tel: 0121 414 8996  

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