College Board

The body responsible for overseeing all aspects of College life is College Board, which reports into the University Executive Board (UEB). The purpose of College Board is:

  • To advise and support the Head of College in the strategic and operational management and leadership of the College
  • To facilitate communication and ensure the effective co-ordination of all matters relevant to the running of the College and its activities
  • To make recommendations to University Senate, the University Executive Board or any other body within the University on any matters not within the Board’s authority to determine

Composition of College Board

The following senior staff from across the College sit on College Board:


Pro-Vice Chancellor & Head of College

Deputy Head of College

Director of Operations

Yvonne Hackforth-Williams

PA: Frances Collins

Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange

Director of Education

Mark Wenman; ext.45019

PA: Nora Olah; ext.47492

Director of Global Engagement

Meng Tian; ext.44684

PA: Nora Olah; ext.47492

Dr Meng Tian

Director of Business School Operations

Keith Portman; ext.44662

PA: Tasneem Kola & Janet Eboh-Sampson

Dean of Business School

Professor Edgar Meyer

EA: Jane Bryan

Head of School of Education

Professor Karen Guldberg

PA: Louisa Whitehouse

Head of School of Government

Head of School of Social Policy

Deputy Director of Education (Quality Assurance)

Anne-Marie Glover

Deputy Director of Education (Digital)

Sarah Montano

Deputy Director of Research (Impact & Engagement)

Deputy Director of Research (Methodology)

Lorenza Antonucci

College Finance Business Partner

Neil Scrivens; ext.46101

College HR Business Partner

Daljit Smith; ext.47347

College Planning Partner

Lindsey Wright