College Education Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to provide impartial and independent advice, via the College Director of Education, to the Head of College and College Board on all matters relating to learning and teaching in the College in order to maintain and promote excellent and effective learning and teaching.

The group has responsibility for supporting the Director of Education and each other and for making recommendations to the Head of College and College Board in three broad areas: 

  • Strategy in relation to Learning and Teaching across the College (specifically, who we teach, what, how, and at what fee?)
  • Strategic oversight of School Learning and Teaching process – including approval and deletion of programmes and modules
  • Actions to promote the collective reputation of the College as a centre of academic excellence for the study of the Social Sciences including the strategic oversight and, where appropriate, the co-ordination, marketing and financial arrangements for all programmes

Committee membership

  • College Director of Education (Chair) 
  • Deputy Director of Operations, Education (Secretary)
  • College Deputy Director of Education (Quality and Student Enhancement)
  • College Deputy Director of Education (Digital)
  • Head of Education, Birmingham Business School 
  • Head of Education, School of Education
  • Head of Education, School of Government 
  • Head of Education, School of Social Policy 
  • College Director of PGT
  • College Academic Policy Partner
  • Guild of Students representative (Welfare and Community Officer)
  • Guild of Students representative (President)
  • Undergraduate College Representative 
  • Postgraduate Taught College Representative 
  • Postgraduate Research College Representative
  • Learning and Teaching Manager, Birmingham Business School 
  • Learning and Teaching Manager, School of Education 
  • Learning and Teaching Manager, School of Government 
  • Learning and Teaching Manager, School of Social Policy
  • Educational Developer 
  • Head of HEFi Digital
  • Head of Education Support
  • College Senior Tutors (by rotation)
  • College Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Leads (by rotation)

College Programme Approval and Review Sub-Committee

The purpose of this sub-committee is to audit programmes in the College and to make recommendations to the College Learning & Teaching Committee and College Board concerning the approval and deletion of modules and programmes.

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For more information on the work of the College Education Committee and its sub-committee contact the committee secretary: Nora Olah (



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