College Committees



College Board

The body responsible for overseeing all aspects of College life is College Board, which reports into the University Executive Board (UEB).

Chair: Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of College, Nick Vaughan-Williams (
Secretary: Nora Olah (, ext 47492)

Detailed below are the various sub-committees of College Board. For details of future agenda items, composition or minutes from previous meetings etc please contact the appropriate committee secretary.

College Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee

Chair: Paul Stephen (
Secretary: Jayde Cassell (, ext 47064)

College Post Approval Group

Chair: Joe Sanderson  (, ext 58565)
Secretary: Debbie Baker (, ext 49049)

College Global Engagement Committee
Chair: Robin Miller (
Secretary: Nora Olah (, ext 47492)

College Education Committee

Chair:  Mark Wenman (, ext. 45019)
Secretary: Nora Olah (, ext, 47492)

College Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee

Chair: Paul Jackson (, ext 47293)
Secretary: Jayde Cassell (, ext 47064)

College Distance Learning Committee

Chair: Sarah Montano (

College Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Liza Jabbour (
Secretary: Frances Collins (, ext 44986)

College Compliance Group

Chair:  Hollie Swann (

College Quality, Assurance and Approvals Committee

Chair: Anne-Marie Glover (
Secretary: Katherine Butcher (

Sustainability Committee

Chair: Laura Day Ashley (
Secretary: Frances Collins (, ext 44986)

Minutes from previous meetings

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee

Research & Knowledge Exchange Committee

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion Committee

Sustainability Committee

Global Engagement Committee

College Education Committee

Governance and Oversight

Further information on the College Committees, including Membership and Terms of Reference can be found on the Governance and Oversight Pages



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