Landscaping the Green Heart

The first steps towards creating the Green Heart have now begun in University Square. As the demolition of the former library progresses, hoardings will be erected in the section of University Square closest to the Arts Building and the former library in the coming days. Completion of this stage of works is planned for November 2017. Protective barriers will also be established around the existing trees in the Square to ensure they are protected during landscaping works. Following this section of work, landscaping will then begin the other side of University Square until March 2018.

Accessibility around University Square, the new Library and the former library site will be maintained throughout the works with the installation of temporary ramps and footpaths. All new routes will be clearly signposted and accessibility information is being played on screens around campus. This will ensure that everyone can navigate the new routes easily and safely. We are also working with colleagues with specific accessibility needs to guarantee that they are prepared for the changes.

For more information on the landscaping schedule please visit the Green Heart intranet page. 


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