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Still from canvas module videoWant to earn PSA points, increase your career prospects, whilst making UoB more inclusive and change the world? Then look no further, because you can do all that with our dedicated Student Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Canvas course. 

The aim of the course is to equip you with awareness and skills to help you navigate the multi-cultural environment at UoB, and enhance your career. The course has been co-designed by staff and students from a diverse range of backgrounds, drawing on some of the latest academic research. 

Still from canvas course video showing old joeYou are eligible to gain 20 PSA points for completing at least 6 of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion online courses. The Personal Skills Award is the University’s employability programme for undergraduates. The award allows students to gain recognition for the opportunities that they undertake outside of their studies.

Participants can complete this course individually, however your Personal Tutors will be on hand for help and guidance. 

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New modules will be released throughout the academic year, and we want to hear from you. What topics would you like us to cover? Do you have any feedback on the existing modules? Let us know! 

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