Our 2018 Finalists

Winners: College of Life and Environmental Sciences (Group A) - Denisha Dass, Milly Harrison, Ellen Powell, Hui Wong

Topic: 'Tablet app to personalise exercise regimes in elderly people'



Finalists: College of Medical and Dental Sciences (Group B) - Matthew Holding, Suaad Idris, Usra Jan and Hannah Sterling

Topic: 'Real Vision: VR Therapy model designed for people with Avoidant Personality Disorder'

Finalists: College of Arts and Law (Group B) - Natania Ng, Kuah Chuan Yin, Seong Hall Ee Waverly, Justin Chua Ning Xuan, Joseph Siruno

Topic: 'How can we measure Happiness?'

Finalists: College of Life and Environmental Sciences (Group B) - Iris Anil, Jack Francis, Harry Roughan

Topic: 'Increasing happiness in elderly care home residents by involving them in community projects'.



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