Health and Wellbeing support

During your studies you may become ill or require additional support for your health and wellbeing, the University offers a range of support for all students. 

Mental health and wellbeing services

Our mental health and wellbeing services include counselling, personalised support, drop in sesisons and worksops, offering a range of support to suit your needs. We also have dedicated Wellbeing Officers in each school that will hold regular drop-in sessions for you to come in for a chat and to discuss any issues you may be having. The University also have a service called UB Heard a free confidential service for all student offering 24/7 support. You can also access a range of self-care and self-help materials alongside information about crisis services and other resources that are available on the mental health & wellbeing pages on the intranet.

Your health: Register with a Doctor

It is important that you are able to access local health services by registering with a local Doctor (General Practitioner (GP) Surgery) close to your term time address. A GP can provide support for your mental and physical health, and they are usually the first health service you should contact when you are experiencing a problem. It is simple and free - and for International Students, the immigration health surcharge will entitle Student visa holders to access NHS care in the UK at no additional cost in the same way as a permanent UK resident. 

Student Disabilty Service

For students with a declared disability, long term mental health condition or a specific learning need, the Student Disability Team will be available to provide support throughout your studies.

Mental health and wellbeing support at the University


Professional Services