EU Settlement Scheme

This page will tell you what documents you will need to upload as part of ‘My Right-to-Study Check’ if you have been granted permission for the EU Settlement Scheme.

If you hold a British passport please submit a copy of your British passport biometric page under the 'Passport' section below. If you do not hold a Bristish passport but you are a dual national or believe you hold British citizenship, please visit our webpage for EU/EEA nationals who hold British Citizenship for guidance on your requirements to complete your Right-to-Study Check. 

If you are an EEA national who has NOT received settled or pre-settled status, you would need to enter the UK on an alternative visa type – please find your visa type in the My RTS guide page  to complete your Right-to-Study Check. 

If you have received Settled or Pre-Settled status the evidence you provide will be your Passport or National ID, and proof of EU Settlement letter.

If you have a EUSS application pending but have not yet received Settled or Pre-Settled status then you just need to upload your Passport or National ID, and email confirmation of your submitted application.

You will be asked to upload serveral documents. Please upload your documents after your arrival in the UK. You do not need to upload these all at the same time but as soon as you receive each of them. 

Using the upload pages

You must upload each document to the correct page. Make sure you read all the information provided carefully.

When you upload a document, you should make sure that the images you upload are in colour, in focus, and that all information is clearly readable without any reflection or glare. Images can be a scan or a good quality photo of the document. If you are taking a photo of your document, you should make sure that the document is fully included in the image, and that information is not obscured. Please note that PDF format is not accepted. JPG and PNG formats are recommended.

Each time you upload a document, you will be asked to enter your:

  • Family name, as per your passport
  • Given names, as per your passport
  • Student ID number, which you can find on your offer letter or Online Registration email
  • Your email address, which should be the same on each form

Accessing Proof of EU Settlement Scheme 

If you have received a decision on your EUSS application please follow the below steps to access your proof of EUSS and retrieve a share code. We require the share code to validate your EU Settlement status with the Home Office.

You can alternatively download our visual guide for accessing your Proof of EU Settlement Scheme.

  1. Find your email from the Home Office confirming the result of your EU Settlement Application
  2. Open the pdf letter which confirms your application was successful, you will need to upload an image or screenshot of the first page of this letter in the below form.
  3. Go to the webpage and click Start Now
  4. Select the document used when making your EUSS application
  5. Enter your document reference number
  6. Enter your date of birth
  7. Select how you would like to receive a security code (this will be contact details you provided when making your application).
  8. Enter the security code sent to you and you will be able to login
  9. This page will show your Settlement Status and provide other information
  10. Select Prove your Status, just below your details.
  11. Tick 'Something Else' and Select 'Preview what the checker will see'
  12. Click continue to generate a Share Code, this will be a combination of letters and numbers, make sure to copy this code.
  13. Complete the EUSS Evidence form in the drop down menu below

Documents to upload

Biometric (photo) page of your passport

  • Upload your biometric (photo) page of your passport 

    or, as an EEA national, you can instead upload your national ID card.

  • Provide details from your document, these are your nationality and document validity dates.

Upload your passport

EUSS Evidence

  • Enter whether you have Settled or Pre-Settled status
  • Upload a screenshot of your EU Settlement status
  • Provide your EUSS Share Code so that we can verify your immigration status with the Home Office, this can be found at the website
  • Enter the Date of Issue, this is the date stated at the top of the Home Office Letter that you are required to upload.
  • Pre-Settled students will also need to upload the end date which can be found on the website.
  • Please see further guidance on accessing this information above.
  • Alternatively, if you have an Application Pending you should select this option and upload a screenshot of the Home Office email confirming you have submitted your application.

Upload your Proof of EUSS

What happens next

Each time you submit a document, it is sent to the International Student Team (IST) to check and verify. The International Student Team will check your document(s) and confirm if they are approved or not. If a document is not approved, you will be told why and will be asked to upload a new version.

When all of your documents have been approved you will receive confirmation that you have completed your Right-to-Study Check. You should keep a copy of this email for future reference.

Please make sure to regularly check your Spam folder for emails sent at each step of the process, as University emails can be incorrectly blocked by certain mail providers.


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