Other Visa Types

This page will tell you what documents you will need to upload if you hold a different type of visa not listed on the visa types page. This might include:

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 5
  • PBS Dependant
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Asylum/Refugee
  • Other non-student visas

The evidence you provide will depend on your current visa status. If you have an existing and valid visa you should upload your passport, visa sticker (vignette), and/or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card.

If you have an application pending, you should provide proof of your visa application and a visa appointment confirmation.

You may also want to provide other evidence. You should only provide documents which are relevant to your Right to Study, and which are not covered in other sections. 

Using the upload pages

You must upload each document to the correct page. Make sure you read all the information provided carefully.

When you upload a document, you should make sure that the images you upload are in colour, in focus, and that all information is clearly readable without any reflection or glare. Images can be a scan or a good quality photo of the document. If you are taking a photo of your document, you should make sure that the document is fully included in the image, and that information is not obscured. Please note that PDF format is not accepted. JPG and PNG formats are recommended.

Each time you upload a document, you will be asked to enter your:

  • Family name, as per your passport
  • Given names, as per your passport
  • Student ID number, which you can find on your offer letter or Online Registration email
  • Your email address, which should be the same on each form

Documents to upload

Documents you are able to upload depend on your circumstances, but may include:

Biometric (photo) page of your passport

  •  Upload your biometric (photo) page of your passport as soon as you have received your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).
  • Provide details from your passport, including your nationality and validity dates.

Upload your passport

Visa sticker (vignette) with stamp

  • Upload a copy of your visa sticker, sometimes known as a vignette, which is in your passport and depending on the type of visa you hold will be valid for six months or for 30 days to allow you to collect a BRP card.
  • Upload the visa sticker as soon as possible after your arrival in the UK. It should include the ink date stamp you receive at Border Control.
  • If you did not receive an ink date stamp when you arrived, upload other evidence of your arrival, such as your boarding pass or travel ticket.

Upload your visa sticker

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card

  • If youhave a Biometric Residence Permit upload the front and back of your BRP card.
  • Provide information including the BRP reference number, the date of issue, and the valid until date.

Upload your BRP card

Evidence of your visa application

If relevant, you should upload the following:

Online Application Coversheet

  • Upload the coversheet of the application form you submitted to UKVI. You will be able  to access the form as a PDF document when you completed your online application for a new Tier 4 (General) Student visa. The coversheet is the first page of this PDF. You do not need to upload the other pages.
  • The coversheet should clearly state the date that you submitted the application and must not state that the application is only partially completed.

Sopra Steria Appointment Confirmation

  • Upload the appointment confirmation you receive when you book your biometrics appointment with Sopra Steria.
  • The confirmation should state the date of your appointment.

You should upload both of these documents as soon as you have received your Sopra Steria appointment confirmation.

Upload your documents

Other evidence

  • Provide other evidence if it is relevant to your current visa status. This could include letters or emails from the Home Office or judgments relating to your visa.
  • You should provide relevant evidence as soon as you are able to, as the International Student Team may need to confirm details with UKVI and the Home Office.
  • These types of evidence should be sent as email attachments.

Send other evidence

What happens next

Each time you submit a document, it is sent to the International Student Team (IST) to check and verify. The International Student Team will check your document(s) and confirm if they are approved or not. If a document is not approved, you will be told why and will be asked to upload a new version.

When all of your documents have been approved you will receive confirmation that you have completed your Right to Study check. You should keep a copy of this email for future reference.

Please make sure to regularly check your Spam folder for emails sent at each step of the process, as University emails can be incorrectly blocked by certain mail providers.


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