Considered getting into freelancing? Freelancing can help you make a profit from your skills without having to register a company. You can take on projects to suit your schedule and make money from a passion project or side-hustle.

Here are ways to help you get started:

Underpinned Freelance programme

The University of Birmingham have joined forces with Freelance specialists Underpinned to offer you tools to get started and access to a growing freelance community network. Learn how to commercialise your skills and build a successful freelance business. Register for the Underpinned Freelance Business Accelerator.

  • Everything you need to build your freelance career from scratch
  • Register now for free access until March 2023
  • Access thousands of paying clients, learn how to pitch, build your portfolio, send invoices, contracts and more

Underpinned freelance community

This programme teaches you how to position and value yourself as an independent professional / business that recognises your clients' and employers' problems, and knows how to solve them using your unique skillset or craft. 

Emerging Freelancers Digital Guide

Windswept Workshops want to help young, aspiring freelancers and artists to navigate the world of freelancing. Freelancing is often seen as a alternative and risky vocational route, and the only advice given is to excel in your chosen field. However, there is so much more to freelancing than just being a brilliant artist, actor, or producer, and there are so many ways to shape your freelancing career. 

Windswept Workshops are a Birmingham based social enterprise founded by University of Birmingham creative writing graduates Erin Gilbey and Gaby Songhui.

As well as writing plays, we write poetry, make masks and puppets, and teach some circus skills as well. We established Windswept Workshops because we want to tap into the creativity that thrums at the heart of Brum’s community to make performing arts a part of everyone’s everyday lives.

Funding for your freelance idea

If you have an idea and would like to test it, you can apply for funding to help you get started. University of Birmingham students can apply for £500 on the B-Enterprising Ideas Fund which allows you to grow an idea and find your first customers.

If you have already registered a business or as self-employed, then you may be eligible to apply for the B-Enterprising Start-Up Fund. Please note our funding is subject to eligibilty so please check our Funding page before making an application. 

Graduate support

We welcome graduate freelancers. If you have graduated from the University of Birmingham and you would like to get involved with our opportunities, events or appointments, please email us at


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