Social enterprise

If you take enjoyment from helping others and creating change in the community then why not get involved with social enterprises, social action or volunteering projects.


What is a Social Enteprise

A social enterprise is a business which is created out of a social need – to tackle social problems, improve communities, better peoples’ life chances, or the environment.

Money is made through trading of goods or services in the open market. The key feature of a social enterprise is that they reinvest their profits back in to the business or the local community. They hold a different legal structure in comparison to a limited company. In essence, when a social enterprise profits, so does the society or environment.

Social enterprises can be found in our communities, high streets including, banks, coffee shops, schools, cinemas, grocery stores, bakery...and lots more!

Birmingham has one of the largest concentrations of social enterprises in the United Kingdom and the highest numbers of them exist in the newly formed Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter (DSEQ). Other social enterprise zones include Cheapside and Highgate in the Birmingham area.

Both these zones have formed an informal partnership with Digbeth, now called ‘The Digbeth, Cheapside and Highgate Social Enterprise Network’, (DCHSEN).

Blurry night image of Broad Street, Birmingham

Existing and new social enterprises are encouraged to become members, benefiting from the vibrant communities and share the principles underpinning the Network: Inclusion; Partnership; Co-operation and collaboration; Transparency; Democracy; Effective participation; Representation; Respect; Equality.   For further information, visit the Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter website.

Get help with your own idea

Need help with your idea? If you would like to start a social enterprise and need some advice to get started, you could benefit from booking a Business 1-2-1 Start-Up advice appointment.

Get involved with Enactus Birmingham society and create your own work experience whilst making a difference in the community. Find out more about Enactus Birmingham here.

We also offer up to £500 of seed funding to help social enterprise start-ups.


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