Be Experienced - Take one action, leap into your future

Gaining experience in just one thing this Spring Term is the perfect way to lead you to the next steps of your career possibilities.

Figuring out how and when to gain experience can be overwhelming. And it’s completely normal to feel unsure about what you want (or don’t want!) to do at any stage of your time at UoB.  

Right now is the time to take the leap and be experienced – and Careers Network is here for you.  

5 students walking abreast up past the library

We are your careers service, dedicated to supporting your career journey at UoB and beyond. By completing this tailor-made pathway, you’ll be guided through a series of activities and encouraged to take one action which best supports you and your goals. Where might your journey lead?

  • Achieve the Birmingham Award through extra-curricular activities;
  • Pursue internships tailored to you and your interests;
  • Explore your passions through volunteering opportunities;
  • Connect with potential employers at our Spring Careers Fair;

These are just some of the potential opportunities which support you to develop the skills, values and behaviours needed to be experienced.

So, why not use your extra day this year and leap into your future right now?



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