Complaints policy

As an integral part of the University of Birmingham, Careers Network is committed to providing a high quality service.

However, we understand that from time to time things do go wrong, and the University recognises the need for students to be able to express their dissatisfaction where this happens. The University provides guidance to students wishing to raise a concern and a full Code of Practice on Student Concerns and Complaints (PDF - 65KB).

Careers Network

Careers Network prides itself on being responsive to feedback and so it is hoped that most matters can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily via informal channels.

First stage

By contacting the Careers Information Services Manager at or the Deputy Director – Guidance and College Teams at

  • Any discussion will be treated confidentially.
  • Notes of the discussion will be taken which outline the complaint, the date on which it was received and any solutions discussed.
  • Discussion notes will be passed to the Careers Network Director or Deputy Directors along with any recommendations.

Second stage

Careers Network aims to resolve issues as quickly and fairly as possible and in confidence; where a dispute cannot be resolved at the first stage, a student may submit a Concern Review Form to the University of Birmingham Student Complaints Officer. This will instigate an investigation by the Head of the relevant Corporate Service or their nominee.


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