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FDM logoFDM Group is a professional services provider with a focus on IT. FDM’s business model is both unique and robust, bringing people and technology together. FDM has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading IT graduate employer and one of the top 25 fastest growing companies in Europe.

Is there a different entry point for employees with a postgraduate degree?

All applicants enter onto the programme through the graduate careers programme.

What are the benefits to you in hiring employees with a Masters or PhD?

Often they are able to offer a level of maturity and experience to their answers, and have very advanced skills within the role they are applying for e.g. Software Development or Project Management.

Do you encounter any challenges with employees with a Masters or PhD?

It can be a challenge for some PhD applicants to understand, articulate and see how their skills within a very specific area can translate to the commercial world and make that move into the industry out of academia.

What skills, knowledge and expertise do you look for in applicants with a Masters or PhD?

Our applicant process is in place to assess an applicant’s potential as a Business or Technical IT Consultant; we assess through the CAPP strength based model of interviews and through a variety of logic, numerical and aptitude for IT tests.

All applicants within their interviews are assessed on our 8 core strengths:

  • Drive
  • Collaboration
  • Growth
  • Strategic awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Social adaptability
  • Logical mindset
  • Resilience

Thinking about the direction your organisation is heading in and changes in the wider sector, how do you envisage your hiring strategy changing in the next 10 years?  What skills, knowledge and expertise will you be looking for in new employees/postgraduates?                    

We are looking to continue to hire through our strength based model for the interviews but are looking to incorporate gamification within the recruitment process.


Thank you to Katherine Brewster, Regional University Relationship Manager for this case study.


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