Tessella logoTessella is the Analytics World Class Center of the Altran Group. We are innovative scientists and engineers who enjoy solving the real-world technical challenges faced by industry-leading companies at the forefront of science and technology. Using a combination of deep domain knowledge and technical expertise, including data science, analytics and software engineering, we work with our clients to find new ways to unlock the value held within their data, enabling them to make better informed business decisions.

Is there a different entry point for employees with a postgraduate degree? 

Postgraduates join the company on a higher grade and starting salary than undergraduates. We don’t have a formal graduate scheme – everyone enters the company at a level suited to their qualifications, skills and experience.

What are the benefits to you in hiring employees with a Masters or PhD?

The transferable skills gained during academic research play a vital part in understanding our clients’ technical challenges and creating practical solutions. 

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Do you encounter any challenges with employees with a Masters or PhD?

No, we really value them – over half of our employees have PhDs and a large proportion have Masters degrees.

What skills, knowledge and expertise do you look for in applicants with a Masters or PhD? 

Our standard requirements for recruitment are:

  • MSc or PhD in science, mathematics or engineering. We recruit scientists, mathematicians and engineers because they have the domain knowledge required to understand our clients’ industry-related challenges.
  • The ability to interpret complex data using a variety of analytical, statistical or machine learning techniques.
  • Software underpins many of the solutions we provide, so you need to have some programming skills. We do not expect you to be an expert, but a good grounding in one of our core languages is required: Java, Python, C, C#, C++, R, Matlab.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to explain complex concepts to clients and colleagues from all backgrounds.
  • The eagerness and capacity to quickly learn new domains and technologies.

Thinking about the direction your organisation is heading in and changes in the wider sector, how do you envisage your hiring strategy changing in the next 10 years?  What skills, knowledge and expertise will you be looking for in new employees/postgraduates? 

The work we do is cutting-edge, high tech R&D so the skills we look for will be driven by advances in technology and developments in the industries we work in. We will still be looking for the same sort of people (science, engineering postgraduates), whatever their research may be at the time.


Thank you to Neil Barrett, Talent Acquisition Manager for this case study.


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