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Is there a different entry point for employees with a postgraduate degree? 

Purely based on the individual and the position applied for.

What are the benefits to you in hiring employees with a Masters or PhD?

Potentially more specific knowledge for the position applied for. More time in education particularly in terms of presentation skills and deeper knowledge.

Do you encounter any challenges with employees with a Masters or PhD?

Some feel they have an automatic right to expect a higher salary.

What skills, knowledge and expertise do you look for in applicants with a Masters or PhD? 

If the Masters or PhD are relevant to the position applied for the candidate would be more knowledgeable in a particular field. I would expect their presentation skills and overall confidence to be of a higher standard.

Thinking about the direction your organisation is heading in and changes in the wider sector, how do you envisage your hiring strategy changing in the next 10 years?  What skills, knowledge and expertise will you be looking for in new employees/postgraduates? 

I would imagine that in 10 years time the demand for highly skilled positions of the type sought be Norton Straw Consultants would be even higher. As per the previous question  I  would expect skills required would be even more important.


Thank you to Louise Straw, Director for this case study.


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