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This page has information and support about pursuing charities and non-profit.

A career in the 'third sector' is highly sought after and volunteering and experience is key.

This area appeals to many as it has lots to offer: a busy working environment, a variety of roles, being surrounded by passionate like-minded people and a feeling of doing good.

Almost 3500 of our students said they are interested in charities & non-profit

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If you want to explore the charities and non-profit sector, learn more with the below resources.

Charities and non-profit

Opportunities in the charity and voluntary work sector fall into the following areas:

  • Management and Administration
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Marketing, Communications and Campaigns
  • Volunteer Managers and Coordinators
  • Researchers
  • Policy Analysts
  • Fundraising/Development Officers
  • Outreach and Education Officers
  • Finance and Accounts

As well as the large, well-known organisations, other employers include small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), voluntary organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and social enterprises.

Below are some useful websites about charities:

You can find out more about roles within the charity sector in this Bright Network article, 'Seven types of roles within the Charity sector'.

You can also read about the different career options in charity work, where you can also find detailed job descriptions for a Charities Administrator and Charities Fundraiser.

International development 

Work in this sector is diverse and encompasses conflict, disaster preparedness, economics, education, environment, forced migration, gender equality, governance, healthcare, human rights, infrastructure, livelihoods and security

Types of international aid/development work include: administration, research, fundraising, training, consultancy, advocacy, relief work, economist roles, medicine, engineering and planning

Below are some useful websites for exploring a career in international development:

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Hear from UoB graduates on their experience in the non-profit sector  

Clare Allsopp

Project Co-ordinator for Faith Matters

“I find it rewarding to play a small part in a much bigger goal to bridge gaps of understanding and build working relationships between communities”

Many of our graduates from University of Birmingham have gone on to pursue careers in the non-profit sector and international development. Read and watch their stories below. 


Plan your career

If you are ready to start planning a career in charities and non-profit, have a look below.

LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning has over 13,000 courses to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd when thinking about a career in charities and non-profit.

University of Birmingham students get free access to LinkedIn Learning.

Work experience 

Getting experience in charities

The Guild of Students has lots of volunteer groups to get involved in. You can also find volunteering opportunities on websites such as Do-itVinspired and Volunteering Matters.

Some charities offer internships including Oxfam, the British Red Cross, Cancer Research UK and Amnesty. Check on their websites for details of when to apply.

Look out for internships in the charity sector advertised through Careers Network. Look out for details of these via our newsletters and on social media.

Speculative applications are one of the best ways of building experience in the charity sector. You may want to consider offering your services in one of the following ways:

  • Offering to create video for use on the charity’s website

  • Offering to analyse the potential use of a social media platform

  • Offering to create a student-engagement or fundraising campaign

The Charity Commission is a good resource to find information on charities in all regions of UK. This may help you identify which charities to contact for work experience.

Bursaries and funding 

You may be eligible to apply for work experience bursaries through The University of Birmingham. For more details visit the internship funding pages

Apply for jobs

If you are ready to apply for charities and non-profit jobs, have a look below.

Search and apply for jobs in the charities and non-profit sector

Application support

When you have a clear sense of where you want to apply, the final step is making the most out of your application. Our Employability Advisers are here to help review your application documents. 


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