Careers Network Learning Resources

Careers Network offers students access to a number of careers-related learning opportunities and information resources 

Expand the tabs on relevant topics to find which courses you may be interested in. Some courses are public, and for some you need to enrol.

In addition to these courses, you will find lots of careers information on your School-specific Careers Network canvas course, which you should have been automatically enrolled on. You can access this course through your Canvas dashboard - look for a course called 'Careers Network for [name of your school]'.

LinkedIn Learning

Careers Network has selected some useful careers-related LinkedIn Learning courses for students.

Canvas courses open to all students

Making Career Choices

This course has been developed to guide you in picking the career option most suited for you. 

Access the Making Career Choices Canvas course

Psychometric Testing

This course has been designed to inform and help you prepare for the prospect of Psychometric Testing, a popular method of assessment used by employers to gauge the suitability of potential job candidates.

Access the Psychometric Testing Canvas course

Apply Yourself

The ability to effectively sell your skills and experience is essential to success in the world of recruitment. This course is designed to help you navigate the world of recruitment and provide you with the tools you need to help you succeed.

Access the Apply Yourself Canvas course

Using LinkedIn in Your Job Search

Create a really good LinkedIn profile, and learn how to go about building your network and contacting people on LinkedIn.

Self-enrol on the Using LinkedIn in Your Job Search Canvas course

Considering Further Study

There are many reasons why you may think of pursuing further study. This course aims to support you with information and resources on further/ postgraduate study.

Access the Considering Further Study Canvas course

Considering graduate entry to medicine or dentistry

If you are thinking of applying to medicine or dentistry as a graduate, these pages are designed to help you research your options. Use the pages to explore what the work of a doctor or dentist involves, discover more about entry requirements and gain an insight into your funding options.

Self-enrol on the Considering graduate entry to medicine or dentistry Canvas course

NHS Scientist Training Programme Recruitment

Information and resources to help you when applying to the NHS Scientist Training Programme.

Self-enrol on the NHS Scientist Training Programme Recruitment Canvas course

Canvas courses for postgraduate students

Postgraduate Professional Development

Enrol on the Postgraduate Professional Development Canvas course to receive our regular Careers Digest for Postgraduate Taught (PGT) students, and to find out more about the opportunities we offer for PGT students, such as our Postgraduate Professional Development Award which offers opportunities for you to engage with your personal and professional development throughout your postgraduate studies.

Considering Further Study

There are many reasons why you may think of pursuing further study. This course aims to support you with information and resources on further/ postgraduate study.

Access the Considering Further Study Canvas course

PGR Careers Beyond Academia

Tips, case studies, and advice for researchers looking at careers outside of academia.

Self-enrol on the PGR Careers Beyond Academia Canvas course

PGR Careers in Academia

Advice and resources for researchers looking at a career in academia.

Self-enrol on the PGR Careers in Academia Canvas course

Personal Skills Award (PSA) Canvas courses

PSA Points and Activities

The Personal Skills Award is the University's award winning employability programme for undergraduates. The PSA Points and Activities course provides a directory of activities for which students can claim points and gives extra information on how to get involved in these activities.

Self-enrol on the PSA Points and Activities Canvas course

Employability Essentials

Develop your understanding of employability, learn about the value of reflection, and reflect on your own experiences in order to articulate them more effectively in the recruitment process. Compulsory to achieve PSA (Foundation).

Self-enrol on the Employability Essentials Canvas course

Dealing with Conflicts in Groups and Teams

This course will help you to deal with conflict as and when it arises, and to identify how you can learn and develop through dealing with conflict effectively.

Self-enrol on the Dealing with Conflicts in Groups and Teams Canvas course

Time Management

Evaluate and articulate your time-management skills, and understand how to develop strategies in order to maximise your productivity, in both your studies and extra-curricular involvements.

Self-enrol on the Time Management Canvas course

Supporting and Developing Others

Supporting others is a key part of being a leader. This course will help you recognise how you already support and develop others in different areas of your life.

Self-enrol on the Supporting and Developing Others Canvas course

Developing Resilience and Adaptability

Learn how to cope with uncertainty and ambiguity, in order to manage your emotions and avoid getting stressed. It will make you reflect on how resilient and adaptable you already are.

Self-enrol on the Developing Resilience and Adaptability Canvas course

Effective Networking

Meeting people and making connections is essential in today's job market. This course will help you build your confidence in networking situations, and will present you with many tips for networking your way to success.

Self-enrol on the Effective Networking Canvas course

Enterprise and business start-up Canvas courses


Workshops slides, information and resources to help you with your start-up ventures.

Self-enrol on the B Start-Up Canvas course

Learning Pathways

Careers Network offers students the opportunity to access the following learning pathways:

Support for Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) graduates (alumni) 

Success at Fairs


Professional Services