Abdihakem Ahmed

10K Black Interns
Bsc Economics, 2024

""How did you hear about the 10K Black Interns programme? 

I initially heard about the 10K Black Interns programme on LinkedIn, so I recommend you all to make a LinkedIn profile if you do not have one as it is important for hearing about new opportunities and connecting with people who are where you want to be in the future.

What inspired you to apply to the programme? 

I was inspired to apply to the programme because I believed in the power of getting your foot in the door and learning more about the work that Investment Bankers do first hand.

Did you receive any application support from Careers Network or 10K Black Interns?

I received a lot of application support and internship preparation from the 10K Black Interns programme with their panel events and a subscription to Financial Edge training to prepare my technical knowledge.

How did you choose which sector to apply to?

I chose Investment Banking as my first option on the 10K programme because that was the industry which I believed I was most suited to because of my interests in mathematics, economics and debating but you are free to choose an industry on whatever basis you see fit.

What was the recruitment process like?

We had two interviews with Credit Suisse for the programme, one being more competency based and one being more on the firm - so look at the firm’s core values and most recent strategy report for preparation.

What is your job role?

Investment Banking has a private and public side, so we were allowed to shadow traders on the public side and complete different trading simulation games on the ‘Amplify Trading’ platform. However, due to having access to the public side of the bank we couldn’t do any desk work for the private side, so we completed a mock acquisition of a company and had presentations from all areas of the bank instead.

What advice would you give to other University of Birmingham students or graduates considering applying to the programme this year?

I would definitely recommend other UoB students to apply to the programme as I am yet to see a similar programme where you can get an experience at a top tier institution for a prolonged period of time with the level of preparation and support 10K Black Interns give you. If you have any further questions or need advice on anything related to this programme feel free to message me on LinkedIn and I will make sure to reply. Good luck, you are in a very good position as you are hearing about this whilst applications are still open so make sure to apply and go into interviews confident and prepared.


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