Primary School Teacher - Daniel Wallace

Primary School Teacher, London
BA History, 2018

What does your role involve?

I am currently a primary school teacher in London, whilst working towards my masters in education. My role involves teaching a KS2 class of year four children. I am responsible for their overall academic progression as well as their welfare within school.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I most enjoy the fact that my job allows me to interact with a wide range of people on a regular basis. I have a passion for working with children and being a teacher allows me the opportunity to support a group of students on their journey through education.

What’s most challenging?

The most challenging aspect of work would probably be the hours you need to work. Teaching is an intense profession that requires a lot of your time to complete your duties to a good standard. Therefore, it requires a lot of dedication to the job and grit in terms of pushing yourself to ensure your students have the best possible chances of doing well within their studies.

How did your time at Birmingham help prepare you for this role?

My time at Birmingham helped me in a number of ways. First of all, through the Guild I was able to gain a lot of experience tutoring through the volunteer scheme that was being run at the time. Moreover, I was able to work for a number of companies that worked with young people, I gained access to them through recruitment fairs held at the University. Finally, I was able to join the careers service and be put into contact with a former teacher who was able to talk me through the process of becoming a teacher which allowed me to make an informed decision surrounding my career. 

What advice would you give to students interested in your industry or role?

For any student interested in a career in teaching. I would recommend that you get as much experience working with young people as possible as it will allow you to get a sense of the profession. Also, I would advise you to speak to the careers service as they were extremely helpful at laying out the routes into teaching so I could see what options I had as a student.


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