Careers Network Welcome Video - College of Engineering and Physical Sciences - video transcript

Hi, my name is Ruth Smaller and I'm a Careers Adviser in the Careers Network here at the University of Birmingham. I want to briefly introduce you to the team and let you know how Careers Network can support you. This is your college team in Engineering and Physical Sciences: Richard is a Careers Consultant, that's me in the middle and I'm your Careers Adviser, and Harj is your Internship Officer. Richard and i can help you with your career exploration and planning. Richard is the link Careers Adviser for Engineering and Maths. I'm the link Career Adviser for Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy, Metallurgy and Materials and Computer Science. Harj can support you with seeking work experience and internships, and we all help students in any year of their degree program as well as graduates. You'll find us in your lectures and seminars working with your tutors to provide you career support.

You'll find us at employer and alumni events that we have organised, and you'll find us at society events that we're supporting. Look out for information about your school careers fair this autumn and our summer skills program in June. Talk to us at our one-to-one appointments where you can have 20 minutes with a career advisor to discuss your career ideas and planning. Talk to us at the events and meetups we hold throughout the year, and talk to us at our lunchtime Q and A sessions running during term time for more details about these and to book appointments log into Careers Connect via our website. We'll be posting opportunities and events on your careers network Canvas page, you'll be hearing from us in our regular newsletters and updates on facebook and twitter. If you want to get in touch with us, drop us an email get in touch via our student help account or feedback to us on canvas. We've got resources for a whole range of careers related support you might be looking for, and we are here to help you during your degree and after you graduate. To find out more visit our website [] drop us an email [] and follow us on twitter [@epscareers] and facebook [].


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