Careers Network for International Students - Welcome Video - transcript

Hello my name is Ellen O'Brien, I am the International Careers Consultant working for Careers Network at the University of Birmingham, and this short presentation will describe to you some of the ways in which we can support you to develop your employability skills and make yourself stand out from the crowd when it comes to looking for graduate work after graduation. You could start by going to the International webpages on the Careers Network website. There you will see a range of options where you can find out more about global careers, individual career support, work experience, jobs and internships and working internationally I also manage a canvas course - our specialist services for international students. You are very welcome to join this course and if you do so, you will get regular newsletters and updates and announcements on useful links, events, and employer related activities that you may enjoy.

In the autumn term I'll be running a series of virtual workshops and webinars on some of these topics, preparing for fairs, job seeking strategies, developing your global network, applying for work experience amongst others. We will also be having a series of careers fairs run virtually this year, starting from the second week in October, but you're all very welcome to join these virtual workshops. We have an International Employer Liaison Officer who works in Careers Network and it's her job to source vacancies and work experience opportunities overseas. During the summer and the autumn term she has been hosting a series of videos, employer webinars and industry alumni webinars on working in china after graduation. Later on in the year she's also going to be doing the same for working in Nigeria and working in India. We will encourage you very strongly to get any kind of work experience you can whilst you're a student at the University of Birmingham. In these restricted times physical opportunities may not be available but even so, there is still a lot of value to be had in doing a virtual internship and a lot of skills can be developed by working virtually, so please do contact us and we can let you know about all the virtual experiences and internships that we have available. If you are a postgraduate student or if you are a further... an undergraduate student looking for further study, we have a team who will be able to support you and you can find out more at the website here: If you would like to get some practice on your interviewing skills please log in to Shortlist.Me - in the privacy of your own home you can practice your interview technique and receive useful and enhancing feedback. If you're interested in working anywhere in the world then GoinGlobal is the jobs directory for you - you can search by city or country and you will see live vacancies as well as lots of in-country information that you will find really useful, so please go and have a look at GoinGlobal, and familiarise yourself with the activities that are available on there.

Please do keep in touch with us, I've given you a breakdown of the website [text:] and I've mentioned canvas [text:] we also have a twitter account [text: @GlobalUoB] and a LinkedIn group that you're very welcome [] to join. we're on facebook [text:] and if you'd like to know more about me please watch our video []. I hope you found this presentation useful and we look forward to meeting you.


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