Careers Network Welcome Video - College of Medical and Dental Sciences - video transcript

Hi my name is Jenny, and I'm part of Careers Network which is the University's careers team, and together with my colleagues Dashi, Kam and Carl we are here to support you, from the moment that you arrive, up to two years after you graduate. So you'll hopefully get to see us in lectures and seminars across campus and online, we work with a number of student societies including MedSoc, and we also bring on to campus employers and alumni to support you. And you can come and talk to us online or in person whether that's a one-to-one appointment that you've booked through Careers Connect, or come and join us at some of our drop-ins and meetups that will take place online and on campus. And every undergraduate programme in MDS has a Canvas course and that's where we keep all of our careers resources, but also it's a great way to notify you of opportunities, vacancies, and great careers resources. So you'll hear from us via Canvas, and also via social media, and our newsletters.

So why not get in touch with us? You can drop us an email whether it's a quick careers question or whether it's an application check at And we have plenty of resources to support you, so whether you're exploring your options, or have a very specific goal in mind leading to perhaps a career in the NHS, we can help you, whether it's your application, exploring options, helping you practise your interviews or online tests, as well as helping you to boost your CV - so getting involved in things such as work experience, helping you with funding for opportunities, meeting with our alumni, helping you to get an employer, and attending our careers fairs, so we have plenty of resources to support you whilst you're a student here and up to two years after graduation. So drop us a line or check out our webpage and we look forward to working with you whilst you're a student here at the University of Birmingham. [text:;]


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