Careers Network Welcome Video - College of Life and Environmental Sciences - video transcript

Hello there. Welcome to this video on your dedicated Life and Environmental Sciences Careers Network Team. I'll be talking through who the team are, what you can expect from us this year and the variety of resources and activities that you can get involved with with Careers Network during this academic year. Before I do so, I'd like to welcome you back to campus or for those whose first time it is on campus, welcome to the University of Birmingham. It's a pleasure to have you on board for this year. So firstly let's meet your College Team.

The team is comprised of three prominent members, myself Phill, I'm a Careers Consultant, and I deal with a number of one to one queries with students, as well as deliver workshops and webinars and work directly with all of my colleagues within the College across all four Schools. The same applies to my colleague Amy, a Careers Adviser. She also delivers a number of one to one appointments and workshops and webinars. My colleague Andrada is our dedicated Internships and Work Experience Officer. She's able to provide you with lots of dedicated resource, advice and guidance on all things work experience and all things internships. You'll also see a number of emails that we will be sending to you and I'll talk about those in due course. 

So where you'll find us. There's a number of ways which we try and make sure that we are prominent to you throughout your time at University. First and foremost you'll hopefully see us in your lectures and seminars, this year, at various different points during each semester, and whether that's online or whether that's face to face. It could be in a variety of different manners depending on the course that you're studying with us.

We'll also be hosting a number of employer and alumni events which we hope that you'll attend. We've got some really exciting plans in the College this year, particularly around alumni and getting them to talk about their career paths, so we really hope that you'll join us for those sessions. And we're even going to be part of society careers activities that the variety of societies across the College will be taking part in this year, and of course we're more than happy to keep talking to new students societies and other societies that are keen to work with us.

We're really pleased to be coming back to campus after having so long away from campus over the last 12 to 18 months, but we will be keeping an offer to work online with us as well, so no matter if you're able to be with us in person on campus in Birmingham, or whether you still need to use us via an online means, we'll still be able to offer one to one appointments where you can discuss your careers needs. We'll also be doing various Q&A drop-ins and informal meetups throughout the year as well, both online and in a face to face environment. So please do look out for those, we will be promoting those as we go throughout the year. There is such a lot of activity that goes on across the year with the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, particularly in forms of careers and employability matters. So I do implore you to try and keep upto date with all the latest opportunities, events and webinars that are taking place.

The main three areas where you'll be able to keep up to date with us, are via Canvas - you'll automatically be enrolled onto a dedicated Canvas course for the School that you're part of which is where you can find out all of the stuff that is going on for your particular School. We'll also be sending out two regular newsletters via email. One a weekly newsletter that's going to be keeping you up to date with the latest events and webinars and activities taking place on campus for the following week. That'll be sent to you every Friday and you'll also automatically be sent a work opportunities Wednesday newsletter every other Wednesday, which will highlight all of the work opportunities, whether that's graduate roles, internships, work experience, volunteering, or otherwise.

I also implore you to follow our various social media channels. We're on Instagram, we're on Facebook, and we're on Twitter and we post all of our latest updates and key resources on our social media pages. If you need to reach out to us, we are easily contactable. You can contact us via the Canvas courses that I've mentioned previously, which you'll automatically be enrolled in. But you can email us directly at If you put your query into there you'll be able to get a response in two to three working days. You can also send us a question via the studenthelp account as well. So there's a number of ways that you can get in contact with us throughout your time here at the University of Birmingham.

We have a huge amount of resources available to you to help you throughout your career journey here at the University of Birmingham. So no matter what your need is or what your requirement is we are able to support. As you can see from the screen, we have a number of different activities and different packages available to you, where you can access different levels of support. For instance, if you're in that kind of early stages of trying to work out what you'd like to do, we have a number of guidance appointments available through myself and Amy. But also if you're thinking about applying for work experience or graduate jobs we've got whole range of application, support and methods, including our CV checker and ShortlistMe, we've got a whole range of different things available as well.

If you're interested in starting your own business, we have a huge team that supports business startup. We also have a variety of careers employer events that happen throughout the year. We've got dedicated support for international students, as well as lots of support from alumni and mentors as well. So there's a whole range of different things that you can get involved with.

If you're starting your final year, do not worry, we will continue to support you after you've graduated as well, so there's no need to panic. As I said at the start, this is just a short introductory video just to give you a snapshot of who we are and what we can do to support you. You're more than welcome to find out more and on the page here I've highlighted our dedicated careers page , and again I'll just put the email address, where you can get in contact with us at any point.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy your year at the University of Birmingham.


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