Apply for opportunities - video transcript

Hi, I'm Nishi and I'm one of the student team members for Careers Network.

Careers Network can help you with all aspects of the application process, during workshops, one-to-ones, online support, and webinars.

In this video I'm going to give you a short introduction to our online application resources.

First things first, you can find all of Careers Network's online resources at

Once you've accessed the main page just click on the student section to access our Explore, Plan, and Apply web page.

If you are ready to start applying for opportunities the apply section provides online resources for every area of the application process.

Now as you can see this page will allow you to access resources for CVs, cover letters, applications, psychometric testing, assessment centres, and Linkedin.

As an example let's have a look at our CV resources. As you can see this page will allow you to access our online CV and cover letter guides. It provides a link to CV checker, our online CV checking software that provides instant feedback 24 hours a day. It also contains links to drop-in sessions and workshops, and gives you the opportunity to email us your CV for review.

Our other application pages which I highlighted in the previous slide also contain the same depth and breadth of resources, so that whatever your application support you need, there's something here to help you.

Careers Network also offers careers guidance appointments, practice interviews, online canvas courses, webinars, various careers events, and an extra two years of support following your graduation.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at Thanks for watching.


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