Plan your next steps - video transcript

Hi, I'm Nishi and I'm one of the student team members for Careers Network. Our team at Careers Network can help you plan for your future, whether this is finding internships, getting involved in the Personal Skills Award, or networking with employers. 

In this video I'm going to give you a short introduction to our online resources that can help you plan your next steps. 

First things first, you can find all of Careers Network's online resources at

Once you've accessed the main page just click on the student section to access our Explore, Plan and Apply web page. 

This section can help you plan your next step with a range of the online information and resources to help you search for a graduate role on Careers Connect or select the right work experience in your chosen area of interest. 

On this page we have links to our canvas courses, such as the Personal Skills Award, courses that can help you develop and build upon existing skills. 

We also have GoinGlobal which is an online resource to help you research the job market and find vacancies if you are planning on a global career. 

You may want to build your contacts or gain insights into your chosen area sector by applying to one of our mentoring schemes Careers Network also offers careers guidance appointments, practice interviews, online canvas courses, webinars various careers events, and support following your graduation. 

If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Thanks for watching.


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