The West Bromwich Building Society

The West Bromwich Building Society is a mutuality with over 170 years of experience.

We remain proudly committed to our principles of offering people the opportunity to buy their own homes and to save for the future.""

Objectives, outcomes and impact

At the West Bromwich Building Society we would like to seek assistance to gain an understanding of student/graduates experience and what recommendations the mentors would have regarding;

  • How can we develop our Recruitment Strategy – understanding your views on our strategy would help us grow and appeal to the new workforces that are becoming available.
  • Future of Management & Leadership – What are your expectations of leaders within a business? How do you want to be communicated to? What will encourage you to want to become a manager and lead a business?
  • Diversity and Inclusion – What are your thoughts on a diversified and an inclusive business? What do you want when you join/work within a business?

Key requirements for students and graduates

  • To gain a balanced view, from the future of the work place, to support our ongoing strategy.
  • Learn from and question opinions of those who will be proceeding to work and have valid and innovative opinions.
  • Understand and engage with opinions to allow future strategies to incorporate new and innovative views.

There is no requirement for specific financial knowledge as everyone needs to understand and engage regarding finance therefore all opinions are valuable.

Length and frequency of meetings

Dependent on applicants we will be flexible.


Deadline date - Sunday 23 January 2022 (23:59).


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