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Objectives, outcomes and impact

We are seeking to understand student/graduate motivations for applying for job opportunities and their perceptions of different types of job adverts to further understand what may encourage a student to apply and what may deter them from applying. 

We would like you to explore:

  1. Job descriptions – how can we make them more attractive, accessible to students / grads i.e. language, length
  2. Case Studies – how we make the best use of these – how would Mentors like to get this information

Key requirements for students and graduates

  • The main objective is to gain insights from students to share with our employer partners.
  • We would like to understand what it is that might be a barrier for students/graduates applying to roles on Careers Connect. How do you find out about roles? Where do you normally look and why?
  • Is there anything that you look for on adverts or anything that puts you off? How can we work with employers in order to make sure that we can challenge in the right way to remove these barriers for you?
  • Hopefully, an outcome will be a document of considerations in regards to improvements with job engagement. Outcome would be a noticeable increase in engagement as well as suggestions in what/how to implement any ideas put forward. It will also support us going forwards with engaging with employers as we will be able to comment more on job adverts with actual examples from the students.
  • We would hope that the impact would be that our students feel listened to and that we are more connected to the student voice.

We would like students to have some experience with looking for, and applying to roles advertised on Careers Connect.

It would be useful to gain insight from those at various stages i.e. those who have never applied (why not?) and those who have already (insight into the whole application process).

Length and frequency of meetings

1 hour every 2 weeks. Online meetings or face to face. (Flexible here)


Deadline date - Sunday 23 January 2022 (23:59).


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