Reed Graduates

At Reed, our purpose is improving lives through work. We believe in building businesses for the benefit of society and we’re proud to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Every five minutes, someone in Britain starts a new job through Reed, and every month 12,000 people improve their skills and prospects by enrolling on a course through Reed.


Our employment support services have helped over 150,000 unemployed jobseekers to start work. Reed is 18% owned by a charitable foundation, enabling us to support thousands of good causes and raise over £100million in the past decade. We’re one of the largest recruitment networks in the UK and our mission is simple: to help the world Love Mondays. We believe everyone should be able to find meaningful, fulfilling work – so we’re here to help people do just that! Reed is always on the lookout for talented graduates to join our scheme and be part of our purpose.

Reed Challenge

In previous years, the Reed Graduate Scheme was labelled to be a white scheme full of male graduates. Whilst this has changed over the recent years, we are not naïve to the fact that this means that the issue does not exist anymore. We would therefore like guidance from university students to understand what we could do to become more inclusive.

Objectives, outcomes and impact

An objective that we set at the beginning of the year was to work to make the Graduate Scheme more inclusive – with BAME and social mobility being the main areas of focus. Therefore we hope that this mentoring will allow us to know of any barriers or challenges that students and graduates face, with the aim for us to create a business case to change this. We have been given approval from our company owner to make any changes needed, as this is something very important to us.

Key requirements for students and graduates

As we have listed BAME and social mobility as areas of focus, this would be our preference. Outside of this we are open to any suitable mentors.

Length and frequency of meetings

We can be flexible with meetings. These will be held virtually via Teams at a time that is suitable for everyone – and we aim to make a WhatsApp group to make it as informal as possible.


Deadline date - Sunday 23 January 2022 (23:59).


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