Transformation West Midlands information for UoB students and graduates

Transformation West Midlands (TWM) is an Office for Students’ (OfS) funded project that cares about your success after University.

Delivered by a partnership of three university careers services from the University of Birmingham (UoB), Newman University and University College Birmingham (UCB), the project is aimed at:

  • Final year undergraduates from the West Midlands region
  • Recent alumni (up to two years after graduation) who have an undergraduate bachelor’s degree and who are either currently underemployed (not in graduate-level employment) or unemployed seeking a graduate job.
  • Those who are from the West Midlands region. 

We know that challenges can occur which can impact on your progress towards a graduate job or entry into further study. The Transformation West Midlands project exists to help you gain the confidence to find a career in your home region and build the skills, confidence and knowledge to succeed. It offers a wide range of personalised services, details of which can be found here:

Other TWM support

In addition to the personalised offer listed above, students and graduates can access other support, including:

  • Specific information and opportunities linked to the West Midlands including:
    • Social events
    • Face to face professional networks
    • Useful contacts
    • Skills building activity
    • Work experience and leadership programmes
    • Canvas resource Access to Careers.
  • Dedicated West Midlands webpages:
    • Knowledge of what employers expect from applicants
    • Key employers and jobs available in a variety of locations
    • Travel information to help widen your options/choices
    • Personal accounts to inspire you. 
  • Online skills learning resources: to boost your chances of getting hired.
  • Access to mentors: to help start and progress your career planning.
  • Access to group mentoring at an organisation’s premises: to gain knowledge and insight. Experience a real working environment that interests you.
  • Invites to West Midlands sector deep dives: to explore what jobs and opportunities exist in just one sector. We’ll start with Business, Professional and Financial Services, the second fastest growing sector outside of London.

Information for UoB students and graduates

The information below is for University of Birmingham students and graduates. If you are a student or graduate at Newman University or University College Birmingham, please visit your university's information for Transformation West Midlands. 

Transformation West Midlands FAQs

Who is Transformation West Midlands aimed at?

  • Final year undergraduates from the West Midlands region
  • Recent alumni (up to two years after graduation) who have an undergraduate bachelor’s degree and who are either currently underemployed or unemployed seeking a graduate job.
  • From the West Midlands region. 
  • A2B participants

I’m on the University’s A2B scheme. What will I get out of it?

As a participant of Access to Birmingham (A2B) in your final undergraduate year, or as a graduate (who graduated in 2018), you not only have access to your usual careers service provision and provision exclusive to those from the West Midlands. You also have access to:

  • A progression coach  - forming a more personal relationship with you  to help you move forward
  • A financial allowance should you need funds to aid progression into work, e.g.:
    • volunteering expenses
    • paying professional or practical qualification fees
    • conference attendance - to share your research or practical projects with different communities (including international)
    • clothing for interviews.

Access will be by invite or by a simple registration process, (depending on numbers), as priority will go to those most in need of support, prioritising individuals who can confirm that:

  • I am an A2B student or A2B recent graduate
  • I have no or little work experience
  • I have had limited engagement with Careers Network
  • I am able to show commitment to seeing a coach, taking personal responsibility to progress where actions are required. 

What areas cover West Midlands?

For this project, we define West Midlands as Birmingham and Solihull, Black Country (Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton), Coventry and Warwickshire, Hereford and Worcestershire, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, Staffordshire.

Why should I care about Transformation West Midlands?

If you have no idea what you want to do, have little or no work experience or for whatever reason, despite making several applications are having little luck, register your interest and contact us.

This project is designed to be more personable, so we learn from you and your experiences and interests to deliver the right intervention. It might be a contact, or a voluntary experience.

The more the team get your feedback from various opportunities provided to you, the more easily we can help you towards gaining a graduate job in the West Midlands.

Which employers are targeted?

This project seeks to inform students and graduates of West Midlands opportunities within the predicted key growth sectors, as described by the West Midlands Combined Authority. These sectors foresee significant growth and higher wages (at a graduate level) until 2030. We are keen to work with employers from these sectors to provide future needed talent and offer some stability/security for our targeted students/graduates.

To understand the current and future skills needs and tackle diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, we are especially keen to work closely with:

a) Employers from the Business, Professional and Financial Services (BPFS) sector

b) Employers from Health and Life Sciences Sector.

This is so that we can use OfS funds effectively to home in on specific challenges and solutions and respond accordingly to build a stronger eco-system of support to benefit all parties. 

Expression of interest

Contact the TWM Project Manager outlining what interests you the most or what extra support you are looking for.


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