Small Group Teaching - Labs (ILT002)


This course introduces effective approaches to preparing and facilitating laboratory classes to ensure that undergraduate students both acquire required skills and consider the learning implications of their laboratory tasks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and assess the benefits of lab practicals
  • Understand their role as a demonstrator
  • Prepare for a lab practical
  • Explore a range of approaches to lab teaching situations

What participants have told us:

- "I enjoyed this ILT and wouldn't change anything about it!".

- "Thank you, it was a good course and I learned a lot".

- "videos, slides and resources are useful".

Format and Requirements

All our courses are available on-line, so that you can take them at a time that suits you, from wherever you are based, and will have access to the materials throughout  your time at the UoB.

You are required to spend up to three hours working through an ILT. Your participation will only be registered after you completed the course, and you have actively contributed to the discussion task. Your deadline is the end of the month that you have been registered. If you were registered in the last week of a month, then the end of the next month is your deadline. Each academic year you will be able to participate in our ILT courses from the beginning of September until the end of June. 

Note that we have aimed to make the Canvas courses as accessible as possible but that we will also be happy to provide material in alternative formats; just let us know what you need.


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