Principles of assessment and feedback (ILT004)


Introduction to assessment and feedback considers underlying purposes and principles of student assessment, and provides guidance on how to give useful feedback to students in different learning contexts. It also introduces participants to mechanisms for assessing and evaluating teaching at the University of Birmingham.

Note that if you are involved in marking, your department will also give you more specific training, e.g. standardisation meetings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and understand key purposes and principles of assessment
  • Demonstrate awareness of University assessment processes
  • Explore a range of approaches to providing effective feedback

What participants have told us:

- "I have not got any experience yet, but  I feel more equipped and aware of what this sort of activity consists of".

- "I found the content very engaging and informative. As a former secondary school teacher, I particularly appreciated the mature and non-patronising tone of this ILT. Thanks for a great course."

- "It was very informative and I will apply what I have learnt."

- "This has given me some ideas for assessment improvement which I will take back to my department to discuss".

Format and Requirements

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