How to pay LRAT

Internal Customers


Please pay before the start of the event using Core Services procurement tab.

Choose 'Requisitions' and under 'Request Forms' choose 'Internal Trade':

Location photos

Most fields are self-explanatory. A sample is shown below:

These fields should be completed:

Screenshot of model input into New CoreItem Type: goods or services billed by amount
Item Description: please include here your booking reference eg "LRAT0012345"
Category Name: ACADEMIC SERVICES - LRAT Hire and Support
Amount: include the VAT if you are paying for us to purchase something for you
Supplier Site: LRAT

Click 'DONE' on completion. The requisition will then go your departmental approver and then to procurement. It can be a week before we can see your order.

External Customers

If you are arranging a conference through Birmingham Conferences and Events, you should pay them instead of us.

For events where payment is charged directly by LRAT you will be requested to pay in a method depending on the amount of the charge.

Charges under £250

Please pay before the start of the event using our online shop. PayPal, and Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards, are accepted. Fill in the amount we have quoted and please also supply the LRAT booking reference.

Charges over £250

Please supply your invoice address and contact, VAT number, charity or company number and a purchase order number. The University will then invoice you.


Professional Services