Charging policy

Place of Use

Equipment may only be used on the Edgbaston and Selly Oak campuses.


Cancellations can be accepted up to one day before the scheduled start of the event, but not on the day of the event itself.

Conditions regarding Event support bookings

  • LRAT cannot supply named technicians. On long bookings, the technician assigned may change during the booking.
  • LRAT cannot supply mobile phone numbers for technicians. Signal coverage is patchy in our buildings so we contact our technicians using radios. A quick call to our Helpline on x43322 is the best way to make contact.
  • Events often overrun and more equipment than first thought is often needed or requested. Charges for extra equipment and technical support will be added to the originally stated cost.
  • No queries about charges will be accepted more than seven days after the scheduled finish of the event.

Charge composition

Charges are now divided into 'setup / collection / setup & derig' and 'hire'. Every booking attracts the appropriate initial charge combined with the hire charge for the booking duration. Only sound recorders and SD video cameras may be collected in person and no setup & collection charge therefore is applied.

Open Days and Applicant Visit Days

There are no charges for technical support nor additional equipment on the three undergraduate open day blocks and one postgraduate open day each year. Technical support and equipment is limited so not all booking requests may be approved.

For applicant visit days additional equipment is charged only at a delivery / setup / derig / collection rate with no hire charge. Technical support (other than 5-minute supports) are charged at normal rates.

Inaugural lectures

Technical support is provided free to these lectures, until 18:20 Monday - Friday. There is no charge for fixed equipment in the room, but additional equipment not fitted in the room is charged at normal rates.

College teaching bookings 

Teaching is defined as direct curriculum teaching on courses with a module code. it does not include equipment needed beforehand in the preparation of recorded material.

  • No charge for normal equipment, which includes data projectors and laptops. We do charge for large items such as PA kits and for items not normally provided in teaching rooms such as DVD players, video-conference equipment such as Meeting Owl's , extra wired and radio microphones, multiple laptops, LCD screens and digital voice recorders. Please book a room with dual projection if you want two projectors.
  • The maximum duration of a booking is three days
  • Repeat bookings for the same equipment in the same room each week, may be refused. Our equipment is designated for one-off events and not as an alternative to a fixed installation.
  • Bookings for groups of laptops cannot be accepted - our laptops are not designed for student use, but as a fallback in case of failure of the lectern PC. If you require computing facilities for students then please book a cluster room.
  • No charge for five-minute technical support bookings.
  • Longer technical support requests are charged at our normal rates (e.g. for filming of students).

College non-teaching bookings

  • No charge for equipment if already in a room, unless the booking is for a course or conference for which external attendees are charged.
  • No charge for five minute technical support bookings.
  • Portable equipment bookings charged at usual rates.
  • Technical support over five minutes charged at usual rates.

College conference and CPD course bookings

These are events for which external guests are charged more than a nominal fee. We usually regard a nominal fee as being £20 or less. Fixed equipment in rooms is charged at the same rate as we charge for internal conferences booked through Conferences & Events. Quantity discounts apply. If you are unsure about whether you need to factor in AV costs to your event budget then contact Gareth Rainford

Conferences & Events and similar

  • All equipment, fixed or portable, charged depending at agreed rates depending on the nature of the booking.

Corporate Services

  • No charge for equipment if already in a room 
  • No charge for five minute technical support bookings.
  • Portable equipment bookings charged at usual rates.
  • Technical support over five minutes charged at usual rates.


  • The four University Open Days are not charged for. Applicant Visit Day events are charged at delivery rates only.

Services for which, we will recommend another supplier

  • Events in the Great Hall, Barber Concert Hall and Elgar Concert Hall (Bramall)
  • Videography
  • Broadcast-quality live streaming


Professional Services