Student conduct and discipline

The University expects students to treat all members of the University community with respect and represent the University as a responsible ambassador through their good conduct on and off campus.  

For programmes of study where Fitness to Practise applies, students are required to sign a professional specific code of conduct in addition to the regulations that govern student conduct. For more information on Fitness to Practise, please see the Fitness to Practise webpage.

Students’ academic lives are governed by University regulations which they agree to follow.  This means the University can investigate issues relating to a student’s academic life, including issues involving staff and students.

From academic year 2021-22, the University can take action where:

  • The misconduct is against a student or a member of University staff, irrespective of location;
  • The misconduct is against visitors to the University where it occurs on University premises;
  • The misconduct occurs during the course of a University activity.

In the above instances, the University will take into consideration the individual circumstances of the matter, including the evidence available, and whether it has an impact upon a member of the University community's ability to engage in any University activity. Where there are more appropriate University procedures available, these may be utilised.

Further Information

For more information on the processes relating to student conduct and discipline, please select from the links below. Please note the information below relates to the current cohort (2022-23) - it is important to refer to the correct cohort details for your studies. Further information relating to alternative cohort years is available on the cohort legislation and regulations pages. 


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