Counselling and Wellbeing

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Psychological, emotional and practical support during your studies. The Counselling and Wellbeing Services are available to all registered students at the university. Our aim is to help you to be free enough from psychological distress to derive the maximum benefit from your studies and your social life whilst at Birmingham. 

Our services
The full range of what we offer students at the University.

Feeling desperate?
What to do if you feel you need immediate help.

Can professional support help me?
Find out whether professional input is the best form of support for you, and what you can do to help yourself.

Online counselling
Could online counselling benefit you?

Is your service confidential?
Find out more about confidentiality and data protection at the Counselling Service.

Workshops and groups
Descriptions of the workshops and support groups we offer and how to book a place.

Registering with us
How to register to see a counsellor or a wellbeing adviser and what you can expect from the service.

Information for staff
Information about consultation services, referring students and extenuating circumstances.

Friends and family
How we can help you if you are concerned for the emotional and mental health of a student.

Counselling Placements
Further information about associate and trainee placements at the Counselling Service.

Contact us
How to contact us and what times we are open.

BACP logoThe Counselling Service is accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


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We Have Moved

Look here for more information about the Student Hub and the services available.

self help guides

New Self Help Guides

The University has produced a series of self-help guides which provide practical advice and support for a range of issues that may be affecting your sense of

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Check out the Wellbeing Collection 

The Wellbeing Collection, in the main library, is a set of research-based publications (both print and ebook) which provide support and advice for coping with a range of psychological and emotional issues which commonly affect students.

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