International Students Advisory Service (ISAS)

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The International Students Advisory Service (ISAS) provides support and advice for prospective and current international students at the University.

News and Alerts

Can ISAS help you?
Detailed information on who is eligible to use ISAS, the services provided and areas of advice.

Visas and immigration
Information on UK immigration including making a visa application, ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme), police registration and the visa correction scheme.

Visa workshops and newsletter
Information on both previous and future workshops. Instructions on how to register with Interlink, the ISAS email messaging service, and access to the ISAS newsletter.

Working in the UK
Information about the UK's immigration rules regarding employment, including both working during your studies and after you have finished your course.

Living in the UK
What you can expect when you arrive in Birmingham and the UK including accommodation, finance, healthcare, safety and driving in the UK.

Information guides
Information guides by ISAS and UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) on a range of international student's issues.

Advice for staff
Information for University staff on the immigration implications of academic decisions and referrals for staff related immigration advice.

New students
The ISAS Welcome pages contain information specifically for new students, including visas, travelling to the University and living in the UK.

Contact us
Details on how to contact ISAS.