About Red Carpet

Red Carpet has been designed exclusively for Campus Services to define our standards of customer service and enable us to create an excellent customer experience.

Any interaction with University students, staff or the wider community will result in either a positive or negative impression of our services. It is our job to ensure all customers are made to feel valued and important – like we have rolled out a red carpet.

Introduction to Red Carpet

Red Carpet is about educating and motivating every person in Campus Services to deliver great customer experiences as part of our everyday roles.

Our Vision

Excellence at the heart of everything we do

Our Mission

Through our passion, expertise and professionalism, we provide excellent customer experiences to enhance the learning, business and lifestyle needs of the University and our extended community.

University of Birmingham Values


We have the highest standards, knowing we can always be better


We shape our own future and support others’ success


We are the first to do things and we take calculated risks


We know our strengths, focus on our goals and persist in adversity


We are well-grounded and practical, tackling and solving problems

Red Carpet Behaviour Themes

We have created a practical framework of six key behaviour themes, each with their own set of behaviours. The behaviours are relevant to every role, at every level in Campus Services.

If we all live these behaviours everyday at work we will all enjoy delivering great customer experiences in our roles.

Red Carpet behaviour table

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