Red Carpet Ambassadors

A small number of staff representing each area of Campus Services have been chosen as Red Carpet Ambassadors. The role of an Ambassador is to live, uphold and explain the Red Carpet culture and, in partnership with management teams, help to encourage and develop the positive behaviours to achieve our vision of ‘excellence at the heart of everything we do’.

They have a responsibility to encourage, motivate and coach their colleagues to participate in Red Carpet activities and feedback your ideas and opinions to the Red Carpet Leadership Group.

Your Red Carpet Ambassadors
 Name Department
 Jenni Cox  Sport
 Kirsty Beckett  Sport
 Alison Lee  Sport
 Paul Butler  Hospitality
 Natasha Vahey  Hospitality
 Miranda Cleveland  Catering Operations
 Lucy Griffiths  Catering Operations
 Samina Kurd  Catering Operations
 Julie Hall  The Hub
 Sarah Dugmore  Conference and Events and Marketing
 Warren Miller  Cleaning Services
 Brian Karim  Cleaning Services
 Jane Vella  Cleaning Services
 Paul Williams  Cleaning Services
 Jade Willets  Environmental Services
 Susan Kelly  PPT
 Nicole Donelan Worklink
 Diana O'Toole  Living
 Kurt Gregory  Vale Village
 Alicia Burton  Pritchatts Park
 Faneela Liaqat  Elms
 Jenny Jones  Oaks
 Judith Gavin  Winterbourne
 Adrian Naylor  Security
 Mohammed Toriq  Security
 Lee Ruddin  Security


Professional Services