The University has an emergency plan based on a framework that outlines how we assess, and then what we do to escalate to emergency services and within the University. Our plan covers most eventualities and situations, but as Covid-19 demonstrated it is difficult to plan for every scenario. The key is to be able to make an assessment, take immediate action to protect people, and then escalate. Our framework outlines how we do this.

We encourage everyone to think about their own personal safety. Getting out of harm’s way when something starts to happen is the often the best thing to do. Then you should start to help and assist those around you.

We’d encourage you to explore the free Protect App, which offers practical advice and training to help protect your business with information on how to respond in the event of an attack, plus live updates.

If you are involved in an incident, please inform the Emergency Services as soon as you are able Call them directly on 999 telling them where you are and what has happened. Try to think about the type of service that is needed: police, ambulance, or fire service. Please also consider informing UoB Security control room on 0121 414 4444 as the team there are first responders and trained to manage the initial stages and support the emergency services as they arrive.

Key to preparedness are trained operational managers from across the Professional Services and Colleges. These staff members are responsible for services and buildings, as well as other aspects of the business on campus. We have an annual training programme where we teach operational staff how to plan for emergency incidents.

For more information about the ongoing programme on Emergency Planning for managers at the University, please contact us on

 At a strategic level the Registrar oversees the emergency plan and ensures that the University is prepared. The University can and does respond promptly when something happens through a tried and tested escalation plan, thus ensuring that the right people are gathered to plan for emerging threats and the consequences of any incident are managed and mitigated.


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