Ride Safe Park Safe

Safe riding and parking for Beryl e-scooters and West Midlands Cycle Hire bikes.


What rental bikes and e-scooters can I ride on campus?

TfWM’s cycle hire bikes and Beryl's rental e-scooters can be ridden University of Birmingham land and parked in designated spaces on campus.

All other e-scooters, including private e-scooters, are not permitted on campus, just as they are not permitted on public land.


What are the conditions for riding a rental e-scooter?

In order to ride the e-scooters, users must be 18 years of age or older and hold a qualifying driving licence.


Where can I ride?

E-scooters can be ridden on University of Birmingham land on campus roads and cycle paths. E-scooters are not permitted on pavements and narrow pedestrian paths.

Certain zones may be designated as no-go or slow-speed zones. Technology fitted to the e-scooter will limit access or speed in these zones.


What safety equipment should I wear?

E-scooter users  and cyclists are strongly advised to wear a cycle helmet  and high visibility clothing.


What is safe riding?

Safe riding means:

  • One person per scooter/bike only;
  • Making sure bags and other items do not prevent control;
  • Always assessing and adapting to the situation
  • Adapt riding to external circumstances, including weather conditions;
  • Mounting phones in the special holder, if available and using it for navigation only;
  • Never riding when tired or affected by alcohol or medication;
  • Paying care and attention to other road and cycle-path users,
  • Ringing the bell and giving adequate space when passing pedestrians;
  • Respecting all road rules and;
  • Being vigilant for road signs and markings


How should I park the e-scooters?

Leave the rental scooters and bikes in the bays and docks around campus. These are clearly marked in the user apps and on the ground.

Stand the e-scooter or bike securely upright, and in the dock if available, and be sure not to leave it in the way of other people who may come past.


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