Minimum standards of control

Reference Conditions

These conditions have been applied by our insurers:

1. When staff are being recruited in the areas where they will be responsible for:-

  • Money
  • Accounts

in excess of £50k in total annually

  • Computer programming of accountancy payroll
  • Goods ordering system

Satisfactory references have to be obtained directly from former employers for the 2 years immediately preceding engagement and before the employee is entrusted with their tasks without supervision.

2. References need not be obtained in respect of Employees who have satisfactorily and continuously worked for the University for at least a year in another capacity before being entrusted with the duties mentioned above. The same applies in respect of any person working for the University, contracted via an Employment Agency on either a temporary or permanent basis.

3. Employees joining the University directly from school or government sponsored youth training schemes, one character reference should be obtained.

4. A written record of any verbal reference should be made when it is obtained and the original copy of each written reference and the record of any verbal reference has to be retained by the University


Professional Services