Measuring our performance - The Flexible Framework

The Flexible Framework is a widely used self-assessment mechanism developed by the business-led Sustainable Procurement Task Force, which allows organisations to measure and monitor their progress on sustainable procurement over time.

This approach has been adopted by the Higher Education Sector and a target of achieving Level 4 of the Flexible Framework is commonly set. The University achieved the highest level (Level 5) in July 2018. We are one of only a handful of universities within the UK that has achieved this target. We have been externally assessed by NETpositive Futures as well as a number of peer universities, who will monitor our performance annually. To achieve Level 5 we have reviewed our entire procurement process to ensure that the environmental, social and economic considerations of everything that we buy are embedded within our standard approach to procurement.

The key to our achievements has been to develop performance targets around delivery of sustainable outcomes and also giving these the same status as savings targets.

All of our Higher Education suppliers are encouraged to register on the Net Positive Futures Supplier Engagement Tool and upload key documentation for the Education Sector.


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